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Our company's measures following a declaration of "a state of emergency to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection"

April 14 2020

In order to follow a state of emergency declared by the government in seven prefectures including Tokyo, Kanagawa, Saitama, Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo and Fukuoka, our company has decided to take the following measures in our activities to prevent the spread of the infection:

Please see for details.

We would highly appreciate your kind understanding and cooperation for this particular matter.

March 26 2020

During this time of global uncertainty, the Carlisle Fluid Technologies team is operational and working hard to provide the essential products our customers depend on, ensuring communities and vital services stay strong.

We’re protecting our employees and their families through robust health and safety measures, and collaborating with our supply chains and distribution channels to keep things running as smoothly as possible.

Together, we can support our communities through this challenge and beyond. Stay healthy everyone!

Read our full statement at:


  • DV1 coming soon

    DV1 Cleacoat Coming soon!

    Introducing the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun: the latest addition to the DV1 family of revolutionary spray guns.

  • DV1 Now on Sale

    DV1 Owner Reviews

    Owner reviews of DV1 Basecoat spray gun.

  • DV1 Now on Sale

    DV1 Basecoat Now on Sale

    With the new DV1 you will get a narrow colour window for the closet colour matching, reduced turbulence for minimal mottling/clouding, a combined air inlet and air control valve for smoother air control, reduced air pressure for improved transfer efficiency and a perfectly balanced, consistent spray pattern – the perfect finish, time and time again.

  • Clean Air (Compact Air Filter Unit)

    Clean Air (Compact Air Filter Unit)

    Compressed air is the lifeblood of every bodyshop and its effective management is vital to operator safety, efficiency and maintaining ultimate finish quality.

  • Sales started for the

    Sales started for the "SMART Pump EV2-30".

    Small footprint vertical pump "Electric SMART Pump EV2-30".

  • Sales started for the

    Sales started for the "New Quick Cleaner".

    It is designed to mix solvents and compressed air to pressure flush paint line and passages quickly and thoroughly!
    Saving up to 20-65% cleaning time and cleaning solvents

  • June 26th 2018 MS Meeting

    June 26th 2018 MS Meeting

    CFT Ransburg Japan KK held "MS powder coating kickoff meeting" at headquarters on June 26, 2018. We invited not only Japanese agencies and other agencies from five Asian countries amounting to 14 companies in total, but also users who have already introduced MS products, and media including trade newspapers and magazines, giving detail information on the MS powder business start-up and coating equipment.

  • NEPTUNE Now On Sale!

    NEPTUNE Now On Sale!

    The world most successful premium gun manufacture for automotive refinishing “DeVilbiss” launches new center cup gun.

  • Luna2i Widely acclaimed!

    Luna2i Widely acclaimed!

    New Super Flat Wide Pattern Meet painters’ wide-ranging demands

  • Precautions against Imitation Products of DeVILBISS

    Precautions against Imitation Products of DeVILBISS

    We have recently confirmed that a large number of imitation DeVILBISS products are distributed in many parts of the world. Although these "imitation products" are not designed and produced by us, there recently being reports that such products are listed on auction web-sites, etc. illegally using our logos, both within the country and overseas.


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