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トップ > Carlisle Fluid Technologies、Ecco Finishingを買収しました。

Carlisle Fluid Technologies、Ecco Finishingを買収しました。

Carlisle Fluid Technologies、Ecco Finishingを買収しました。

アリゾナ州・スコッツデールに本社を構えるCarlisle Fluid Technologies(以下CFT)は、2019年7月8日、Ecco Finishing.(以下Ecco)を買収したことを発表致しました。


CFT社長Shelly Bauschは次のように述べています。

独自の科学技術により開発され、コンパクトで軽量設計なシーラントおよび接着材塗布機器は、製品群として "Ecco-415、Ecco-475、 Ecco-480 3Dシーラントアプリケーター" を持ち、シームシーリング*、アンダーボディシーリング**/スプレーおよび液体防音素材(LASD)の塗布などの用途に用いられます。

CFTのグローバルビジネス開発担当、バイスプレジデントのJames Stephensonは次のように述べています。

* シームシーリング…継ぎ目などから漏れが生じないようにする処理
** アンダーボディシーリング…防水や腐食を防ぐためにする処理(自動車の製造工程向け)


Carlisle Fluid Technologiesについて

Carlisle Companies、Inc(NYSE:CSL)の一部門であるCarlisle Fluid Technologiesは、さまざまな業界ニーズに応え、革新的ソリューションを提供する塗装機器・塗装技術の世界的リーダーです。Carlisle Fluid Technologiesは単純な塗装要件から高度に自動化された生産システムまで手がけます。静電塗装、粉体塗装、液体塗装、乾燥炉、および塗装システムを数十年にわたる専門的技術と組み合わせ、一般産業、自動車補修市場向けに効率的で費用対効果の高いソリューションを提供します。

Carlisle Fluid Technologiesの詳細については、をご覧ください。



Carlisle Fluid Technologies Acquires Ecco Finishing

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, July 8, 2019 – Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc. (“CFT”) a global leader in applied finishing solutions, announced today that it has acquired Ecco Finishing (Ecco), a privately held manufacturer of low and high pressure painting equipment and sealing applicators based in Skara, Sweden. Ecco’s products are used in a variety of application settings, primarily in the automotive, ceramics, leather, wood and plastics industries.

“It is with great pleasure that we extend a warm welcome to the Ecco team as they join CFT,” said Shelley Bausch, president, Carlisle Fluid Technologies. “Ecco has built a solid reputation supplying customers with reliable and durable finishing products for leather, ceramics and other industrial applications. Its innovative 3D sealant gun is a great addition to our growing portfolio of sealants and adhesives application equipment.”

Ecco offers distinct technological capabilities in the sealants and adhesives space, with their Ecco-415, Ecco-475, and Ecco-480 3D sealant applicators. Their compact design and low weight make them an ideal choice for seam sealing, underbody sealing/spraying and liquid applied sound deadening (LASD) applications.

“The acquisition of Ecco is another important step forward in the development of our sealants and adhesives offering platform,” said James Stephenson, vice president, Global Business Development at CFT. “Ecco is the industry leader in 3D sealant gun technology and provides new capabilities that will help CFT deliver robust sealing application solutions to our customers worldwide. We are looking forward to driving synergies with our recent acquisitions of Integrated Dispense Solutions and Shinhang into a robust solution set for our customers.”

About Carlisle Fluid Technologies

Carlisle Fluid Technologies, a division of Carlisle Companies, Inc (NYSE:CSL) is a global leader in material application products and technologies providing forward-thinking, innovative solutions to a variety of industry needs. From simple finishing requirements to highly automated production installations, Carlisle Fluid Technologies combines innovative spray finishing, powder coating, fluid handling, curing, and integrated control packages with decades of technical expertise to deliver efficient, cost-effective solutions for the transportation, industrial, and auto refinish markets. Learn more about Carlisle Fluid Technologies at