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DV-1 BaseCoat

The Next Generation Spray Gun

Devilbiss DV-1 BaseCoat

Devilbiss DV-1

DV-1 BaseCoat logo

DV-1 BaseCoat

Model DV1-U-000-13-B
Air Cap Atomization Pattern range(mm) Air consumption(L/min) Applications
DV1-B HVLP (Low Pressure) 330 395 Waterborne / Basecoat
Model DV1-U-000-13-B+
Air Cap Atomization Pattern range(mm) Air consumption(L/min) Applications
DV1-B+ HVLP-PLUS (Middle and Low Pressure) 325 300 Waterborne,Solvent Base / Basecoat

Common :Tip size 1.3mm / Air inlet 0.2MPa / Weight 470g


Pattern and Thickness comparison

Devilbiss DV-1 BaseCoat


If the DV1 looks different, that’s because it is. Very different, in fact. Everything is new. New ergonomics. New air cap design. New fluid tip technology. New co-axial air valve design.
No other gun is built like it. Redesigned from the ground up. Precision engineered. This is the spray gun for the professional refinisher who demands maximum speed, ultimate finish quality, pinpoint colour accuracy and the lowest possible energy and material consumption.
It’s time to let your talent shine – show your true colours.

Devilbiss DV-1 BaseCoat

1.Quick Release Ring

The hard-anodized air cap retaining ring features a quick release thread, requiring less than a full-turn rotation for fast and easy air cap removal. Painters will experience quick and easy changes of the air cap and access to the fluid tip.

2.Revolutionary Air Cap

The new DV1-B PLUS air cap represents the next generation of atomization performance. This new HLVP air cap delivers high efficiency performance but at HVLP pressures, producing a smooth, fine finish even with the most stubborn basecoats. The DV1-B PLUS air cap is suitable for both water-based and solvent-based materials.

3.Innovative Fluid Tip Design

The DV1 features an overhauled fluid tip design, replicated through an expanded fluid tip size range, to tackle a broad range of coating types and flow rates in all climatic conditions. This new design dramatically increases the air velocity at the tip, while maximizing fluid suction through the gun, yielding an increased and more stable fluid flow for better color reproduction – particularly with the latest, low viscosity basecoats.

4.Re-Designed Trigger

The DV1 features an innovative trigger design to remove sideways and rotary play from the trigger action, while maintaining the signature DeVilbiss fit and feel. Painters will enjoy a silent-action trigger with an exceptionally smooth, soft pull.

Devilbiss DV-1 BaseCoat

5.Simplified Air Valve

The newly designed air valve cartridge features a True-Balance design to maximize fluid needle alignment, minimize component wear and maximize durability. Plus, this new design allows for easier removal and serviceability.

6.Adjust Screw

The easy-to-grip large knob makes adjustment of the discharge amount smooth and easy, minimizes wear on the adjustment screw, and improves part durability.

7.Next Generation Gun Body

The DV1 gun body features a reduced profile and a smoother, streamlined design to create a well-balanced gun with the right feel in the painter’s hand. Painters will get a sense of more control, and experience less fatigue, with a spray gun that is also easier to clean.

8.Reconfigured Air Adjusting Valve

The DV1 combines the air inlet and the air-adjusting valve into a single “co-axial” component and places it in an ergonomic location that is more comfortable to use. The air-adjusting valve also features 12x sensitivity for precise air control adjustments and smoother air flow through the spray gun.


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