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About DeVilbiss' spray coating

DeVilbiss commits to the developement of innovative products with eco-friendliness.


Devilbiss History

DeVilbiss has been a worldwide industry leader for atomizing technology, and spray gun quality for over 130 years.


Founded in 1888 when Toledo, Ohio physician Dr. Allen DeVilbiss combined a bulb, some tubing and the base of an oil can to create the first atomiser for health care. DeVilbiss is now the leading supplier of spray finishing equipment to the industrial and automotive refinish markets. Since then, DeVilbiss has maintained its commitment to innovative technology and established itself as the leaders in cutting-edge finishing equipment by constantly supplying products that achieve the highest quality finish whilst protecting the bottom line needs of its customers.

Comparing the existing air spray gun or HVLP gun,LVMP gun makes higher transfer efficiency and better atomization possible with less air consumption.

The difference of the transfer efficiency between standard spray gun and HVLP gun is in the air velocity. Both air velocities are in the same sound-speed area when an instant of coming out from the air cap. However, when it becomes the distance of approximately 200mm, it generates large difference. Therefore, if the velocity is low at 200mm distance, the transfer efficiency becomes better even atomized with higher air pressure than HVLP.


Devilbiss DV1 Clearcoat spraygun - go on sele on October

Devilbiss DV1 Clearcoat spraygun


DV1 Owner Reveiws

  • DV1 Owner Reveiws

    DV1 Owner Reveiws

    We conducted a questionnaire for DV1 owners.
    We were able to hear the customer's voice.



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