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DeVilbiss® Automotive Refinishing, a Carlisle Fluid Technologies Brand, Introduces the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun

SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, July 8, 2019 – Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc. (“CFT”) a global leader in applied finishing solutions, announced today that it has acquired Ecco Finishing (Ecco), a privately held manufacturer of low and high pressure painting equipment and sealing applicators based in Skara, Sweden. Ecco’s products are used in a variety of application settings, primarily in the automotive, ceramics, leather, wood and plastics industries.

Carlisle Fluid Technologies has introduced the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun to the DV1 family of DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing® products.This revolutionary clearcoat gun helps painters achieve ultimate control, comfort and consistency in less time with more cost savings.

The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun is designed specifically to provide optimization in spraying the range of leading clearcoats on the market today. It joins the DV1 Basecoat Spray Gun, which transformed the industry through its revolutionary design and optimization of basecoat application when it launched in 2018.

“The DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun builds on the worldwide success of the DV1 Basecoat Spray Gun, offering a new generation of superior guns for the ultimate finish,” said George Toskey, Director, Global Marketing. “The DV1 Clearcoat gun’s innovative features allow painters to push clearcoat atomization to the next level – giving them more comfort and more control, while delivering that glass-like, mirror finish that they love. Painters will experience the reliability, consistency and performance they need to give them confidence in knowing that they can get the job done right the first time.”

The DV1 Clearcoat gun includes innovative features that provide quality results and a comfortable fit and feel when in use. The groundbreaking, all-new DV1-C PLUS Clearcoat Air Cap delivers superior high-efficiency performance while spraying industry-leading clearcoats, including high-solid clears, low-to-medium-solid clears and low-VOC (solvent exempt) clears.

This inventive air cap provides a consistent, homogeneous spray pattern that lays the clear flat and allows painters to easily wet up a surface, while minimizing runs and sags on vertical panels. By evenly distributing fine, uniformly sized paint particles, the air cap visibly demonstrates its superior performance with a flawless finish.

The DV1 Clearcoat also includes an all-new fluid tip optimized for global clearcoat applications. This new tip design increases fluid flow while stabilizing air flow, minimizing material usage and providing significant paint savings. Whether a painter likes to apply the clear heavy and fast or use a slower, soft pattern, the DV1 Clearcoat can work with both styles and adjust accordingly. The gun is easy to use, giving painters excellent control during the application process.

With a new black matte finish, the DV1 Clearcoat boasts a better grip for easy handling, ensuring maximum comfort on the job, while providing more power for higher productivity. Through faster performance, proven paint savings, and superior atomization, the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun gives painters the confidence to know that they can achieve a high-quality, perfect finish every time.

Japan markets, you can choose from 5 types of aircaps: 1.0mm, 1.1mm, 1.2mm, 1.3mm, and 1.4mm according to your needs. Package contents include DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun, the DV1 C-PLUS Clearcoat Air Cap, fluid tip of each caliber, HAV-503-B (gauge) attached, and dedicated tool for parts replacement. A set of GFC-501 (568ml resin cup) and 803616 (multi-gun holder) is available as an option "ACCKIT-01".

For more information about the DV1 Clearcoat Spray Gun and to see it in use, visit

About Carlisle Fluid Technologies and DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing

Carlisle Fluid Technologies, a division of Carlisle Companies Inc. (NYSE: CSL), is a global solutions provider for the supply, control, application and curing of sprayed and dispensed materials including paints, coatings, powders, sealants, and adhesives. It is best known for world-leading product brands BGK®, Binks®, DeVilbiss®, MS® and Ransburg®. To learn more about Carlisle Fluid Technologies, visit

DeVilbiss Automotive Refinishing is a Carlisle Fluid Technologies brand for products designed to deliver premium finishes for the professional automotive repair shop. DeVilbiss brand products include low pressure manual and automatic spray guns, and related accessories including air filter reducing valves and regulators, operator breathing systems and hoses. For more information, visit

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