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Think Smart, as for your performance as for the environment

The unit combines conventional electrical hardware to achieve optimum operating performance at a lower cost. Running costs are much lower than compressed air driven model.

Used with an optional smart card, high savings in running cost can be realized, by delivering the paint to the user point at the correct pressure and volume only when needed.

The SMART pump range uses a standard electric motor to drive the fluid section for pumping paints, solvent and other suitable materials, reducing paint shear due to the positive dissplacement piston design and thanks to a cam and cam followers combined with a sliding carriage unit without required surge chamber.

Binks Smart Pumps Advanced digital control circulation pumps


Binks SMART Pumps

Very recoverable against bending stress

Binks SMART Pumps



Proven Technology


①Low power consumption electric motor, combined with Binks Smart System, delivers significant energy savings over conventional pneumatic pumps.

②AC frequency inverter removes further energy loss caused by conversion to DC.

③New manifold elbow connections for easier configuration and installation.

④Universally available sanitary fittings guarantee a smooth interior connection with no paint trap pockets.

⑤New Auto-Lubrication System provides correct automatic lubrication for up to a year. Meets new ATEX requirements.

⑥Horizontal Short Stroke Design gives equal thrust from both pistons, allowing a wider cycle rate (10-40 cycles/min) and greater flexibility of flow rate.

⑦Patented reciprocating drive incorporating sliding carriage mechanism with asymmetric constant velocity cam, gives a smooth transition and virtually eliminates material pressure fluctuations.

⑧Horizontal fluid sections compatible with shear sensitive solvent and water based materials.

⑨Internal ‘Fail-safe’ bellows seal with ‘tell-tale’ leak indicator.


  E2-15 E2-30 E2-40 E2-60
Nominal stoke 50mm / 1.97" 60mm / 2.36"
Max fluid pressure 1.8 MPa 1.8 MPa 1.6 MPa 1.8 MPa
Fluid output from 20Hz to 80 Hz 3.75 L~ 15 L 7.5 L~ 30 L 10 L~ 40 L 15 L~ 60 L
Flow Volume / Cycle 0.375 L 0.75 L 1 L 1.5 L
Fluid connections Inlet and outlet 1" Sanitary Inlet and outlet 1 ½" Sanitary Inlet and outlet 1 ½" Sanitary Inlet and outlet 1 ½" Sanitary
Pump weight 78 kg 250 kg 250 kg 295 kg
Electric motor EU/USA: 400V, 3PH, 1kW
JPN: 400V, 4PH, 0.75kW
EU/USA: 400V, 3PH, 2kW
JPN: 400V, 4PH, 1.5kW
EU/USA: 400V, 3PH, 2kW
JPN: 400V, 4PH, 1.5kW
EU/USA: 400V, 3PH, 3kW
JPN: 400V, 4PH, 2.2kW


E2-15 E2-30 E2-40 E2-60
PRV22-U-10 - Pressure relief valve- 1" Sanitary PRV22-U-15 – 1 1/2" Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve 5PRV22-U-15 – 1 1/2" Sanitary Pressure Relief Valve
192547 Pressure Transducer (0 ~ 4.0 MPa)
502144 Pressure switch range (2 ~ 4.0 MPa)
192720 Sensor Manifold
502501 BPR Control Box
192206 1" Sanitary Gasket 192208 1-1/2Sanitary Gasket
192209 1" Sanitary Clamp 192209 1-1/2" Sanitary Clamp



Small footprint vertical pump

Electric SMART Pump EV2-30

Nominal stoke 50mm / 1.97"
Maximum fluid pressure 2.0 MPa
Fluid output from 20Hz to 80 Hz 7.5L~ 30L
Flow Volume / Cycle 0.75L
Fluid connections Inlet and outlet 1 ½" Sanitary
Pump weight 256 kg
Electric motor EU: 400V, 3PH, 1.5kW


Electric SMART Pumps


Troubleshooting BINKS SMART Pumps - Troubleshooting


EV2-30 Catalogue (1.55MB)


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