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HV Controller

  • Ransburg HV Controller RPI300


    Two units (2ch) of boost voltage type coating equipment can be controlled by this one device, high voltage output can be obtained with four stages and range of -5 to 90kV for each of the stages are available.

  • Ransburg HV Controller RIC-800


    Controller equipped with a high-speed, high-performance 32-bit CPU

  • Ransburg HV Controller C·C2 Type

    C·C2 Type

    Direct current high voltage power supply equipment, available using with SPG type spark guard (C type is used with the high voltage ground switch). Equipped with one output, the C type is for non-shielded HV cables used for disk, mini bell, etc. Equipped with two outputs, the C2 type is for shielded HV cables used for gun.

  • Ransburg HV Controller HD/AD


    Ransburg Industrial launched the compact high voltage generators HD/AD Type for both handheld electrostatic coating equipment and automatic equipment as the high voltage power supply.

  • Ransburg HV Controller HD-21


    Cascade Controller for REA 21 Hand Gun having functions of bar indicated voltage / current, overload blocking and broken low voltage cable detection.

  • Ransburg HV Controller Ground Switch

    Ground Switch

    Switching equipment blocking high voltage to applicator and connecting it to the ground.

  • Ransburg HV Controller Spark Guard SPG-7

    Spark Guard SPG-7

    Equipment automatically blocking high voltage by detecting overloaded currency in excess of the voltage / currency once set.


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