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  • Ransburg CER Reciprocator (Rans-Servo)

    CER Reciprocator (Rans-Servo)

    An AC servo system has been adopted for drive control, making more accurate, finer control possible.

  • Ransburg RAF Reciprocator (Rafford)

    RAF Reciprocator (Rafford)

    This is an AC motor driven reciprocator that has a simple construction and invertor control with superior constant speed stability.

  • Ransburg TER Reciprocator (horizontal type)

    TER Reciprocator (horizontal type)

    We have two types of reciprocators for level surface coating: the stroke variable AC servo type and stroke fixed invertor type.

  • Ransburg DER Reciprocator (for disk systems)

    DER Reciprocator (for disk systems)

    As with the CER type, this recipocator adopts an AC servo system for drive control and is designed specifically for use with disk systems.


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