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Multi-Function Central Control System

Ransmacs promotes full automation for all coating processes

Ransmacs provides various controls which are essential to efficient painting.

Touch panel simplified operation of control panel.

Various Coating Controls

This system provides various coating controls by linking with a general purpose sequencer.


Installation Example

Ransmacs Installation Example


Item Specifications
Equipment to be
Electric reciprocator (Constant stroke) 1 or 2
Reciprocator cart   1 or 2
Applicator   2-4
High voltage power supply   1-2
Paint pump unit (Inverter drive) 1-4
KP color change system (A/B=2 colors) 2-4
FP color change system (10 colors) 1-2
Item Specifications
Control Function Work data input for height (mm/p) 30 or 40
Resolution   64/128
Work data input for conveyor direction (mm/p) 00 - 99
Resolution (Controllable distance) 4,000
Spray timing correction(Settable for each applicator) Mag.-Red.
Preset function 15
Work up/down direction (Reciprocator Longitudinal direction=Y) 0-9
Work right/left direction (Conveyor advancing direction=X) 0-9
Spray position control (Reciprocator front and near movement)  
Back and forth motion (Front-Mid.1-Mid.2-Mid.3-Rear) 5 levels
Pattern size manual set (Front-Mid.1-Mid.2-Mid.3-Rear) Available
  (Y-direction semi-fixed)  
Mirror image painting (Unsymmetrical suspending painting) Available
Hole cut painting   Available
Color change control (Semi-auto) Available
KP method (A/B= 2 colors) Available
FP method (10 colors) Available
Automatic color change control   Option
Atomizing pattern automatic change   Option
Delivery automatic change   Option
Operation   Touch panel
Monitoring function (Reciprocator speed, converter speed,operation, color change, fault) Available

General Spec

Power source (Controller only) AC100V 50/60Hz
Data storage Sequencer
Ambient temperature 0 - 40°C
Humidity 80% or below
External dimensions of control panel 1200(W) × 450(D) × 1900(H)



Catalogue (2.71MB)


Ransburg Product Movie

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