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Paint Supply Equip./2K Mixing Unit/CCV/Cleaner

  • Dual syringe Pump

    Optimal pump for transporting catalysts for two-component paints and UV paints.

  • Flushable Gear Pump

    Flushable Gear Pump

    The flushable pump is the paint supply device that supplies paint to coating applicator stably and composed of the gear pump(s), micro valve and also manifold.

  • AC Gear Pump

    AC Gear Pump

    “Ransburg Gear Pump” that has always obtained the trust of No.1 in the industry for 30 years, with the performance that excelled with the quality that stabilized. The performance of Ransburg gear pump has improved furthermore.

  • RansFlow


    RansFlow correctly measures and mixes the multicomponent coating materials.
    This 2K mixing equipment has achieved stable coating quality and made both high performance and usability possible with the high accuracy and repeatability of the electronic measuring system.

  • GEMS (Global Electronic Mix Solutions)

    GEMS (Global Electronic Mix Solutions)

    GEMS is an advanced 2K mixing system using a simple design that combines an intuitive user touchscreen interface with data collection and analytics to improve finishing processes.

  • Color Change System

    Color Change System

    Color change can be done smoothly with no mixing of the previous colors
    For color change during production of home appliances, motorcycle parts, automobile parts, steel furniture or general painting we recommend our custom-designed “Ransburg Color Change System”.

  • Quick Cleaner

    Quick Cleaner

    It is designed to mix solvents or water and compressed air to pressure flush paint line and passages quickly and thoroughly.


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